Colon Cancer

Some facts to know about Colon Cancers:

  • Most Colon Cancers of the lower intestinal tract, develop from polyps.
  • Polyps are clumps of non-cancerous cells that grow slowly over years and can eventually develop into a cancer.
  • CT Colonography or virtual colonoscopy is used to look for polyps.
  • Some patients cannot tolerate colonoscopy, which requires general anesthesia.

InHealth Imaging was the first to bring CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy) to Kitsap County.

  • CT Colonography (a special CT scan using 3D software also known as virtual colonoscopy) is done without anesthesia and is a cost efficient method to look for polyps.InHealth Imaging utilizes Vital Images’ premier package of advanced visualization tools and clinical applications to help insure accurate detection.
  • A bowel preparation, but no anesthesia is required for that exam. The colon will be inflated with carbone dioxide to distend the large intestine for better visualization of the polyps.
  • The advantage of CT Colonography is that it can also detect other potential life threatening diseases outside of the colon, like aortic aneurysm or other cancers in the kidneys, pancreas, liver and lymphoma. If polyps are found, a follow-up CT Colonography for monitoring or a standard colonoscopy with the insertion of a scope may be necessary to remove the polyp.