Pain Management

In an effort to keep our patients “in health” our team of pain relief specialists offer an alternative to narcotic drug therapy. InHealth Imaging offers image-guided epidural steroid injections for accuracy and better results of pain to the cervical lumbar, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, lumbar facet injections, joint injections, saroiliac (SI joint), Hyaluranonan knee, and trigger point injections. In most cases, these injections provide a reduction in inflammation and alleviation of pain and discomfort. Repeat injections may be necessary.

Most injections include the use of a steroid medication to decrease joint inflammation and local anesthetic to numb the injection site. Immediate pain relief may occur while the local anesthetic is still in place; however, long-term relief provided by the steroid may take 10-14 days before the benefits of the injection are felt.