Low Radiation 64-Slice CT

ACR Accredited Facility




InHealth Imaging recently installed a state-of-the-art Low Radiation 64-Slice CT which offers the highest image quality avilable and a reduced radiation dose (60% lower radiation). This translates into exceptional image quality and reduced radiation exposure for our patients and exceptional images for their physicians. Additionally, our new CT features a much larger opening for the comfort of our patients.

A CT or CAT scan, also known as a computed tomography scan, is a non-invasive medical imaging method that uses special X-ray equipment to obtain cross-sectional pictures of the body. The CT computer displays these pictures as detailed images of organs, bones, and other tissues. This type of imaging can be very helpful in diagnosing injuries or fractures or in identifying disease in its earliest stages.

The primary benefits of the new 64-Slice CT at InHealth Imaging are that it provides patients lower radiation, advanced imaging capabilities and more comfort with a much larger opening. This new technology couples multiple components in a dynamic manner. Because of its new technology and speed, patients will only need to hold their breath for a very short time. It also features a large-volume coverage area which is not available on older machines. This new system allows us to have one of the widest ranges of imaging capabilities while being able to cater those services to patients in almost any situation.

Our imaging technology pairs with the expertise of our radiologists to provide CT virtual colonoscopies and CT guided pain injections.

InHealth Imaging offers our Low Radiation 64-Slice CT exams at our main facility in Poulsbo. Because we are able to offer these procedures inside our newly renovated Poulsbo office, our patients realize considerable cost savings since there is only one fee and no separate consultation or facility charge.

Exam results are communicated to the patient directly by the radiologist after the exam. At InHealth, we believe that all of our patients should be presented their results without delay. Shortly after the patient is seen, the images and results are shared directly with the ordering physician through our secure PACS portal.

Preparing for a CT scan

If your physician orders a CT of your abdomen or pelvis, one of our schedulers will inform you of the necessary preparations for your exam. You may be required to drink an oral contrast agent to better visualize the area. If your CT requires IV contrast, patients on Metformin, Glucovance or Glucophage should not take their medication on the day of exam and for two days afterwards.

For enema studies and virtual colonoscopies, you may consult the appropriate form at right.

CT exams of the brain, chest, extremities and musculoskeletal structures do not require any preparation.