Billing Specialist

Paying for your service
Patients are taking an active interest in the cost of healthcare services. We believe that patients have the right to know the cost of medical services up-front–as costs can vary significantly from provider to provider for private insurance plans and Medicare. Responding to this, InHealth Imaging has established a Patient Inquiry Line: (360) 394-6465 where you can speak to our Billing Department. 

Our Team will provide patients or physician’s office with accurate CPT Codes and Fees for our imaging procedures. Because we are not affiliated with a hospital or large medical group, out-of-pocket costs are generally lower for our patients.  Please note that the total charges of a service or a procedure will vary based on the combination of services provided.  For example, if you have an MRI with contrast there may be an additional fee for the contrast and necessary supplies.  Please note that InHealth Imaging does not charge a radiology reading or facility fee.

If the services you receive are covered by your insurance, your benefits will determine how much you will be required to pay out-of-pocket. Our Billing Specialists can be reached by dialing 360-598-3141 #3 and they can offer out-of-pocket estimates based on your insurance plan. The information provided on this website is a best estimate and is not a guarantee of what you will be charged.

We offer many services on a sliding scale for proven need. Call our patient inquiry hotline for more details about your specific needs.